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Announcing beta launch on Preprod testnet

We're announcing the beta launch of adadomains on the Cardano Preprod testnet. Check out our app and help us with some testing. Any feedback is appreciated!

Beta launch#

We're finally ready to release our app for public beta testing. We're offering multiple features that users are welcome to try out:

  • domain NFT marketplace
    • mint any desired domain if it's available
    • list your domain for sale or buy domains listed by other users
    • make buy offers to purchase domains
  • management dashboard
    • edit your domain attributes (socials and contact information, Cardano address for receiving payments, web browser redirection)
    • mint subdomains (each one has their own attributes)
    • view sent and received offers for your domains
    • view the domains you listed for sale
  • web browser redirector (resolve your domains to regular websites or IPFS content using extension)
  • resolver SDK (a TypeScript library which enables developers to easily query domain attributes in their applications directly from the blockchain)

We've also prepared a documentation where you can read more about the details of how our domain system works. There you can also find the rules for our web redirector implementation and specification for all domain attributes that are currently available.

You need a Cardano wallet to use our app. We're launching with support for Nami and EternI wallets. You can install both of them as browser extensions. Once you're done, make sure to switch to the Preprod network and you're ready to go! If you need some tAda (test Ada, currency used on testnets), you can get some for free by using the public faucet.


One of the main goals of this beta launch is to get feedback from real users. We've created a new beta-launch-feedback channel on Discord where you can share your experience of using our app and suggest possible improvements. We've been heavily testing the app for the past couple of months, but we believe that engaging our community will help us improve our product even further.

We're planning to run the beta release for at least a few weeks. During this time, we will most likely upgrade the system several times based on your feedback. Please be patient in case of any downtime due to maintenance.

So, what are you waiting for? Adadomains are waiting for you!

P.S. We'll be very grateful if you also invite your friends.

Be back soon with another blog post. Happy testing!

As always,

your adadomains team .