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Official presale details

Hopefully you're as excited for the presale as we are! Come and read a few more details about the presale that we would like to share.

Presale Details#

  • Start time: Friday, October 1st - 19:00 UTC (that is 21:00 CEST (Central Europe), 15:00 ET (New York), 12:00 PT (Los Angeles))
  • Available domains: 5000 domains - no domains have been pre-determined or reserved, it is completely up to you to choose your desired domain name
  • Length of presale: Until we're sold out, but it will end after one week regardless
  • Requirements for domain name:
    • Between 3 and 16 characters long
    • Only lowercase alphanumeric characters are allowed (letters from a to z and digits from 0 to 9)
  • Pricing: Since shorter domain names are rarer and also more desirable, the pricing is based on domain name's length
    • Tier 1 - 100 ADA: 3 to 4 characters
    • Tier 2 - 50 ADA: 5 to 8 characters
    • Tier 3 - 20 ADA: 9 characters or more


We will publish the link to the presale website on Twitter on the day of the presale. You will need a Shelley era wallet, such as Daedalus, Yoroi or Nami wallet. The whole presale process is very straightforward and consists of three steps.

  • Step 1: Reserve your desired domain name by typing it in the text box and clicking on the Reserve button. This will save your choice in our system and you will have 10 minutes to send the requested amount of ADA to our wallet address. When making the reservation, you will also be asked to select the country of your residence - this is required strictly due to regulatory reasons.
  • Step 2: Send exactly the requested amount of ADA to our wallet address (the amount and the address will be displayed on your screen). For example, if you reserved a domain that belongs to Tier 2 based on our pricing, you might be asked to send 50.235816 ADA. The decimal part of this amount (0.235816 ADA in this example) is used to uniquely identify you in our system, so we know which domain token should be minted for you. We will send the decimal amount of ADA back (in fact, even a little bit more) with your domain token.
  • Step 3: Wait to receive your chosen domain token. If you miss the 10 minute reservation deadline or you send the wrong ADA amount, you will be refunded (your refund will be slighty lower than your payment, because of the transaction fees).

When we launch our dApp, you will be able to claim the actual domains with these presale domain tokens.

Recent development#

We would also like to share some recent development progress which was made alongside preparations for the presale.

We have continued to implement smart contracts for minting domains, changing domain records, buying / selling domains, and tested them on a simulated blockchain. We have also successfully run the initialization contract, which mints the initial registries, on the official Cardano testnet. Due to the 16kB transaction size limit, we've had to make some adjustments and simplifications to our proposed protocol architecture. Unfortunately, we have not been able to modify the logic for minting subdomains enough to fit under the transaction limit. This means that minting of subdomains will not be supported in the first version of our project. However, we are planning to support all the other functionalities from the start, including sending ADA payments to domain addresses, changing personal information associated with a domain, setting IPFS content hash to be displayed on your domain and a marketplace for domain trading.

We believe that as Cardano evolves and we enter the Basho era, transaction size limit will be expanded as part of the goal to increase scalability. In that case, we are planning to release an improved version of our project in the future, which will also allow domain owners to mint subdomains and possibly include some other new features. Users will be able to migrate existing domains from the first version to the second version, similarly as to how presale participants will be able to claim domains with the presale domain tokens at the launch of the first version.

We hope you will join us in bringing blockchain domains to Cardano and sharing the excitement with us!

Thank you for the support,

your adadomains team .