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A community driven launch ๐Ÿš€

We're inviting you to participate in our Twitter poll to help us shape the launch of our project!


We feel that establishing a fair and trustworthy community is essential to the success of our project. That's why we want to engage more with our early supporters by letting you also be a part of our decision-making process. <

Progress and Roadmap#

After several weeks of researching different ideas, we released our official whitepaper last week. We presented our vision of the project and outlined some exciting use-cases. For those more technically oriented, we also described our project's architecture and discussed our proposed scaling solutions.

Since then, we have been working on implementing the actual smart contracts in Plutus (Cardano's programming language for on-chain code) and interacting with them on a simulated blockchain. We've also been developing and designing the front-end part of our application. After we finish the smart contracts, the next steps are to deploy them to the Cardano testnet and test them out in a live environment. The last remaining step is to connect our front-end with the on-chain part of our application, but we are still waiting for an officially supported wallet connector (which should be provided by IOHK in the following weeks) to make this possible.

The Launch#

There are two options to choose from regarding the launch - Launch with presale or Launch with smart contracts.

If you choose the Launch with presale option, we can launch before smart contracts are officially enabled on the main Cardano network. We would run a presale in the following weeks where we would sell a limited number of domains and send them out as minted NFTs to the participants. This would reward our most loyal supporters by giving them a chance to reserve their desired domains early. These provisionary NFTs would then be redeemed for real domains later when smart contracts are fully supported.

If you instead choose the Launch with smart contracts option, we will have to wait until all the support for running decentralized applications is released by IOHK which should happen gradually over a few weeks following the main hard fork event, currently scheduled for September 12th. This would mean that our launch will be most likely delayed until mid-late autumn.

Please let us know your opinion on Twitter. We're very excited about the future of our project!

Best regards,

your adadomains team .