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Get ready for official Mainnet launch!

We're so happy to finally deliver you the official Mainnet launch of adadomains! Join us on July 15th to claim your domains with presale tokens or buy some new ones.

Official launch#

We're launching adadomains on the Cardano Mainnet on Saturday July 15th! This means that you'll be able to claim the domains you bought in the presale or buy new ones that have not yet been sold. The exact time of the launch is 6 PM UTC (that is 2 PM EDT and 11 AM PDT). Make sure you're following us on Twitter to get the latest updates on the launch.

How domain claiming will work#

All domains that were bought in the presale will be re-minted with new token policy before the launch. They will be locked in smart contracts, ready for you to claim with your presale tokens. When you connect to our app with your wallet that contains your presale tokens, you'll be able to see them in your management dashboard. By clicking on the claim button and confirming the transaction, your presale token will be automatically exchanged for the new domain token which will appear in your wallet. From then on, you can freely use or trade your domain token.

If you haven't bought any domains in the presale, don't worry. Here's a list of all domains that have been sold in the presale: taken domains list. You'll be able to buy any new domain, that's not listed here.

Improvements from Preprod launch#

We've received a lot of helpful feedback from our Preprod launch and we've been implementing your suggested improvements in the meantime.

  • UI/UX improvements
    • restructured tabs when editing your domain in the management dashboard
    • batched multiple domain attribute changes into a single transaction
    • more mobile friendly website
    • better error messages
  • more supported wallets
  • new features
    • support for other crypto currency addresses (currently BTC and ETH)
    • Chrome browser extension that allows you to resolve adadomains in your browser without using .surf suffix
  • backend robustness improvements
    • upgraded Cardano node version and other software packages
    • improved maintenance procedures

Thank you to everyone who has participated in helping us test and improve our app.

We hope that you'll join us for the official launch as well!

adadomains team