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Domain and subdomain restrictions#

  • length: 3 - 16 characters, .ada is not included (this is the upper limit for token names length on Cardano)
    • for subdomains: each subdomain level must contain at least 1 character (i.e. .example.ada is not allowed, a.example.ada is allowed)
  • allowed characters:
    • lower-case letters: a - z
    • digits: 0 - 9
    • hyphen: - (must not be the first or the last character and must not be repeated consecutively, i.e. example-.ada, -example.ada and exam--ple.ada are all not allowed)
  • at most 5 subdomains per domain
  • subdomains must not be more than 2 levels deep (i.e. a.b.example.ada or deeper is not allowed)


If you mint a domain with a large number of characters, you will have less flexibility when it comes to minting subdomains, because the combined total length must not exceed 32 characters.