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Frequently asked questions

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What is adadomain?

Think of a domain like your own personal reserved space on the Cardano blockchain that contains your data. This could be your wallet address, the IPFS hash of your website or other information that you wish to store. The important part is that this information is accessible just by knowing your domain name. More technically, each domain is represented as an NFT that lives at a script address and uses the datum of the UTXO it belongs to for information storage.

How to buy?

At the moment buying domains is not possible. The presale was held from October 1st to October 8th and your next chance to buy will be when we launch our dApp.

When will the dApp launch?

The exact date of the launch is yet to be announced and at this moment we cannot say for certain since some of the components needed for running dApps (most notably the Plutus Application Backend and a wallet connector) are still under development by IOHK. We expect to launch a few months after all the components will be completed.

What is a presale token?

This is a regular NFT that lives inside your wallet and guarantees you the right to claim the domain with our upcoming dApp. When you claim a domain, the presale token will be spent and a new domain with the same name will be minted to a special script address. Only your wallet will be able to control it.

Will there be another presale?

No, there will be no more presales.

Why can't the presale tokens be listed on CNFT?

Because the presale tokens do not follow the CIP-025, which is a standard for NFT images (image is required).

How to trade presale tokens?

Currently, your only option is via a trusted Discord channel (for example, the official CNFT Discord channel). We will launch a marketplace for trading domains with our dApp.

Will subdomains be supported?

It depends on the future updates regarding maximal transaction size and script compression. For now, the subdomains will not be supported in our initial release.

How does this project differ from adahandle?

As far as we are aware, adahandle is aimed solely at translating the so-called handles (easy to remember names with $ prefixes) to wallet addresses. Besides that, our project is designed to support additional functionalities, similarly to what ENS or Unstoppable Domains are doing on Ethereum (decentralized websites, custom data storage, etc.).

Is this project similar to ENS?

Yes, but we do not have renewal fees (once you buy a domain it is yours forever) and we are building on Cardano to utilize its benefits such as cheaper transaction fees.

Will this project be DAO governed?

It is too soon to say at this moment, but if the project grows, we will be looking into it.